Q1: Why would you ever put this website together are you weird or what?

Well, first of all I don't like the connotations of the word "weird." I  rather describe my behavior as "out of the ordinary". Why the website? well I reached the age of 75 and wanted to document my thoughts on things.  I don't know maybe it's a legacy thing or maybe it's a vanity issue. Or just maybe  I'm  giving people ideas on what to write in my Obituary. I really don't know why. It just appeared to be the right thing to do at this time in my life. Or maybe I am looking for my Borelli moment.

However what I do know is that people can forget what you said or what you did,  but not what you write. There are successful people out there that are open to bearing their soul. One that does this better than most people is Neil Diamond. You can be entertained by his music but you will miss what comes from his soul if you don't listen to his lyrics.  Having never met Neil Diamond I would not be surprised that his life would not be too different then his words.

So for me, if Ithis is my  place where I can speak from my soul, then here is where I will be. And if the time is now to do this website, then at the age of 75, it had to come together.

 Or just maybe, as you stated,  I am, just weird.