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Oct. 16th 2015




 Benjamin’s Franklin’s reply to a woman that asked what kind of government did you give us?



Whether it be the current administration or the Congress, America is on the wrong path. Both bodies of government are destroying our Republic. I come from a generation that “Cannot be Bought” NO! Not at any price. Yet this generation of “What’s In It For Me” sell their very soul for a position of power. They will not go after the real cause of America’s decline, Morality, since they are bought and paid for by people that make money destroying our moral values. Our children and the majority of our adults are susceptible because they are undereducated, and do not have many religious convictions. They can be characterized as Unconscious Incompetents. They just believe in what they hear. And what they hear is a barrage of immoral messages presented in the same manner the North Koreans brainwashed their prisoners of war during the Korean Conflict, the same messages, from all branches of the media. As long as it takes Millions and sometimes billions to get elected, this “What’s In It For Me” pack of idiots will keep getting elected and our Republic will surely die. The solutions are simple:

 1. Take the money out of elections by having the FCC through their licensing agreements force TV stations to offer free time to candidates. No political ads, just an explanation on what the candidate would do if elected.

2. Term limits, 2 for senate, and 3, for house.

3. Raise the standards to become a teacher, make their salary comparable to Engineers, and only have them teach Math, Science, History (World and USA), English (reading, writing), Civics (our form of government and our Constitution) and Traditions (tested through time). Make schools be in session all year.

4. Have our universities completely free, with rigorous admittance policies. Only teach Mathematics, the Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Education, Constitutional Law, and Finance. I.E. Make a university free to the brightest of students and a degree that is as valuable as gold. Setup 2 year technical schools that teach America’s needed worker’s skill. So that if a company hires a tradesperson to do a job, they can have confidence in the worker’s ability to correctly complete the job.

5. Start a 3rd party that is strict constitutionalist. Two party systems are too friendly toward each other. It irks me when I hear one party refer to the other party, during a complete disagreement of a major policy, as “My friends on the other side of the isle”.  If you disagree with someone they, at that point, are not your friends, they are your adversaries.

6. Start labeling things as they are. Example Social Security and Medicare are Entitlements. They are contracts between a tax payer who paid into the benefit plans and the government that distributes the benefits. Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment payments, are Charity. And just like any household that give out charitable donations, they do it after they meet all their other obligations. If there is money left over after meeting all the family obligations, then charity can get their fair share. If we cannot solve the Government dependencies problem, we cannot compete in world markets.

7. America has an abundance of the two the major commodities the world needs, Food and Energy. We are blessed with fertile land and unlimited supplies of oil and gas. This is where we should focus our attention on. Germany came out of World War II with only one industry, The Volkswagen Automobile, look at where there economy is now.

8. Get our troops out of every country in the world and put them on our borders and as guards for our prison system. There is no reason to let people in our country illegally and out of prison because of overcrowding.

9. Get rid of the Hate Crime Laws; our constitution protects every individual regardless of race, creed, etc.

10. Get rid of the Federal Reserve. They are not elected individuals and have far too much power.

11. Reform the stock markets. The whole idea of mutual funds was for an individual to have the same buying power as the people and institutions that have large sums of money.  The markets should just be following; the companies that they buy stock into, on the company’s profit and loss positions. The markets should not go up or down on statements from the Federal Reserve. This is too easy to manipulate.


Maybe if we can do the above and get back to being “one nation under God”, we can keep our Republic.