Light Side

This is more related to the comical side of my writings. When I first started writing to make people laugh, I thought it would be easy. What I found out it was more difficult then writing about serious issues. First of all what I may think is funny, others may not. Second it is all about timing. Meaning the environment people are in when they read my comical writings or hear it played out affects their reception. If it is in a party environment, people are in tune to resonate toward laughter. If it is sitting at their computer and reading it, it depends on their mood. Either way if the objective was to make them laugh and they didn't, they will tell you. People play out their emotions differently with serious writings. They will either say they got very emotional or will say nothing. So the chances of failure is much higher in comical writing than in serious writings. However whether people laugh or are critical, and it makes them feel better about themselves, than that in itself is reason to continue. As in any failure, I see it as an opportunity to learn, not to quit.

 My light sided writing links are below.

  Comedy Skit 2011
Janet Leh inauguration as Vero Beach Power Squadron Commander.
Comedy Skit 2012
Robert Scully  inauguration as Vero Beach Power Squadron Commander.
  Comedy Skit 2013
Judith Peschio inauguration as Vero Beach Power Squadron Commander.
  Below  is an illustrated  booklet. I wrote for my Vero Beach Power Squadron.

The 10 Reasons to Take Our Boating Course or the Saga of Fishing Bill
and his lovely bride Marina.
  My Friend Charlie Pope told me he served in the army with Elvis Presley. The link  below are emails that ensued after I met a neighbor of Charlie's.

Where do you get this imagination
  My 75th Birthday Party " I never thought I get this far" sung to "At 17"  
  I would be remiss if I didn't put Shaka, Baka, Caka  Maker, in here. Since in my opinion it is funny and definitely not a love song.Someday hope to make a YouTube video of it.  
  Music for Do do the do do^^^do do do the that etc. and after the rap part sung to the same tune.The Nairobi Trio "Solfeggio". No need to use all. Just the beginning.