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This page is devoted to people I follow and write to pertaining to politics. Please find some time to understand  their beliefs for a greater America.  Links to their websites are below.

  I  write to Pat Buchanan and Senator Rand Paul.

Pat Buchanan is the best political writer in the media. And is  actually doing the job of checks and balances that a political writer should do and what our founding fathers  envisioned. For them to do. His grasp of history is amazing and also amazing is how he uses history to validate  his points. You need to read Pat’s columns if you want to learn the truth about our political system and how our elected representative's behavior does not always reflect  the attitudes of the American people.


Click  Pat Buchanan''s name for his Website

Senator Rand Paul is a conservative republican that does not believe in big government . He also does not believe that we should be the World's policemen and that basically we should keep out of another  country's politics. He does believe in protecting our borders. For this he has been called an  "Isolationist".  In a presidential debate in November of 2015 when he was called this name, he smiled. and rightfully so. I agreed and smiled as well. Having never won a war against any super power, except when we used nuclear weapons, we have absolutely no credentials to police  anyone,much less spend a trillion dollars to beef up our military and give the impression that we want to go to war .

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