Robert Borelli

StoneCastle Productions  Murder Mystery Play 3  


East of The Storm


Sample of the play




The package arrived, a little later than usual at the Royal Residence number 2, Amman Jordan. Saleem Hussein opened it with the same eagerness a little girl would open her Christmas presents. Nana Chapman always included letters from friends, the latest Cosmopolitan magazine, Victoria Secrets catalogs and Alicia's (Saleem's American name) own copy of Single Professional Magazine. Included this time was a free invitation from Single Professional magazine for a mystery cruise to unknown destinations. Alicia remembered reading about the cruise in the July issue and it sounded exciting. Living in an Arab country, especially as the king's brother's, first born daughter, extremely curtailed the free spirit side of this half American beauty. Because of the Palestinian homeland crisis, and the recent non aggression pact Jordan is about to sign with Israel, the Ministry of External Security would not allow the trip unless Saleem had a personal body guard and traveled under her American passport. Alicia Chapman left the following Saturday on a commercial flight to Miami, Florida USA with Moe E. Hammit, her personal body guard (oh boy! real original name, from the ministry of external security). From Miami, the magazine provided a charter flight to Key West. From there, all guests were escorted to the cruise ship anchored in Key West harbor. On the boat, there are 36 passengers, the captain, and a crew of ten. After a welcoming address by the representatives of the magazine and the ship's captain, Captain Fillmore, the passengers were divided in groups of six. Each group was headed by a magazine's staff person. Alicia and Moe's group was headed by Mark Angelton, political editor for the magazine. Mark informs his group that they will sail all evening to an unknown destination. He tells them that even Captain Fillmore does not yet know the first island they will anchor at, but he does have a compass heading to set sail. The ship's name is Witches Haunt and her registry is Port Charlotte. The captain announces that they have cleared the harbor and are about to set sails. He also informs them that there is a storm west of their heading but it should present no more than some choppy seas for them. 


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