Robert Borelli


I have written  murder mystery plays that I previously sold,  I now offer them for free. The murder mystery plays can be performed at your next fundraiser event, house party, or club rendezvous. My murder mystery plays are designed to be performed as guessing games by non-professionals and are suitable in a party environment where there are 12 + adults. The objective of the murder mystery plays is to have the audience pick the murderer and the murder's motive. My typical  mystery plays run about one to two hours. The murder mystery plays have been performed as programs for fundraisers, at rendezvous, at house parties, at club parties, and other events. There is no need to memorize a script beforehand to get results. Actors can be chosen on the actual day of the event to read their parts. Adlibbing is encouraged as long as the actors read all the lines that reveal the murder mystery clues. Props are not necessary but could add atmosphere to the scenes. The Narrator's dialogue carries the plays from scene to scene. The murder mystery plays are easily performed and fun to watch.  The pdf files contain printable speaking parts, a director/host copy, instructions/suggestions on how to perform the murder mystery plays,  and a cover sheet. There is no need to copy, download, or buy anything . Just click on the play you want, print your copies  and liven up your next party or fundraiser by performing one of my murder mystery plays. There are 4 plays here for free downloading. Use Side bar to view and select ones you want to download. Enjoy!

Note :
Plays 5 and 6 Are the first ones that I wrote . way back when. Click on plays to get them

Play 5

Play 6