Bob Borelli
December 15, 2011

The links below are my Heart Felt Writings. The most serious ones are the tributes to my brother Ron whom I loved. Ron had his novel closed long before his chapters were fully read. At these writings, when I sat at my computer and typed, I would cry, and my mind would drift down his now deserted paths, and now laced with thorns, and now mine, to walk alone.

01/19 From my old college paper. I wrote it as a speech, Rewrote it as "The Depth of Failure to the Heights of Accomplishment"
   08/18 To my Great Niece Lauren, a Poem As she heads of to College  
  07/10/2020 Tribute to my Brother Ron, 12 years after his passing  

My 2017 Christmas Message

My 2016 Christmas Message

  To my Great Nephew Will as he heads off to College 8/16

Ron Borelli's 2006 Obituary
  Letter to my Brother Ron 2016 10 years after he passed 7/16  
  My 2015 Christmas Message  
  Letter To My Brother Ron.2009. 3 Years After He Passed  
  Tribute To My Brother Ron. May 26th 1936 - July 10th 2006  
  2012 VBPS Alice Lesher  Everyone's perpetual Sweetheart.  
  My friend Ronnie Mullville brightened every room he entered  
  To My Grandson Grayson on his 10th Birthday  
  To my Neighbor Russ Lemmon on his retirement. Sept 2014  
  Since the Borelli Surname  Dies With Me: To My Daughter Christina Dec 2010 The Borelli Story

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