Robert Borelli


I Dabbled in writing songs because I like music. It started when my friends Norm and Karen asked if I would write lyrics to music that they would write. So as a result, "Time Can Be My Only Friend"  was created. They recorded that one but it never got played. The other songs I wrote were the results of me writing both lyrics and music and I am still waiting for someone to record them.  However the satisfaction for me is that I wrote them. Below are my songs.

I'll Make This House Your Home (I'll play you my guitar)     
I'll Make This House Your Home Lyrics     
Time Can Be My Only Friend   Mp3
Time Can Be My Only Friend   
I Can't Leave As Just Your Friend  
I Can't Leave As Just Your Friend Lyrics  
Norm & Karen  I Can't Make You Love Me   Mp3
When Will I Have You Love   Mp3
Feeling of Love   Mp3
Anthony's Song   Mp3
Michael Asquino She Believes in Me   Mp3
Michael Asquino  Please Come To Boston   Mp3
Just a Fun Rap Type Song
Shaka, Baka , Caka  Maker
Music for Do do the do do^^^do do do the that etc. and after the rap part sung to the same tune.The Nairobi Trio "Solfeggio". No need to use all. Just the beginning.