Robert Borelli

Productions  Murder Mystery Play 1  


The Desecration of a Place


A Murder Mystery Play


  Synopsis of the play


This play is about two families the Seldens of French ancestry and the Frattias of Portuguese ancestry. The Seldens are wine growers and the Frattias are Oyster harvesters. The play takes place, in modern times, in two Connecticut towns. Both towns are on the Connecticut River close to the entrance to Long Island sound. The families have a long history of distrust for each other. This mistrust dates back to an incident that happened in 1840 when the residue from the Selden’s faulty wine presses leaked into the river and flowed out to the sea. Being heavier than the water, the residue fell to sea bottom. This residue proved to be poisonous to the oyster crop and the Frattia family suffered a great financial loss. It was the Seldon's uncaring attitude and the unwillingness to offer compensation  that led to an all out war between the families. This encounter had fatal consequences with three members of each family being killed, including the Frattia Grandmother. Although the families do not like one another, they do share a common bond of family loyalty and love for their land. They know each other by attending the same schools and by occasional forays into each others private lives. But they do not socialize or marry into each other’s family. The families distrust of each other is a powder keg ready to explode and as you can guess, it finally does with the murder of Andre Selden at the Selden's PLAC SACRÉ, Their Sacred Place.


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