Q10:Can you briefly characterize yourself?

I consider myself strong but will cry at sad things.
I believe God put me on this earth to serve not to be served.
I thank God for what I do have.
I am a practicing Roman Catholic
I believe one should serve their country. I did so by serving 6  years in the Connecticut National Guard.
After a conversation with someone, I like to walk away thinking that I made them think better about themselves. (Like Alice in my Heart Felt Writings)
If I say or do something that hurts or is rude to someone, I feel bad. And  if given the chance, I apologize to them for it.
I disdain selfish people.
Like my Brother, I am comfortable with people whether they sit in the Board Room or sweep the Factory Floor.
I like to be around people that are smarter then me.
I try hard to keep my word and honor my commitments.
I think that scandal is the deadliest sin for persons of character.
My definition of Success in business is "To achieve the highest position in your company, that your education and experience allows, without compromising your principals, while maintaining  the respect of your peers".
I think I brighten a room when I enter.
This may be petty but I don't like the annoying noise the stores play, which they call music. I am especially annoyed when a so called upscale store plays it.
Believing in God's plan for me, I respect death but do not fear it.
I believe God built Men and Woman differently for a purpose.
I will not Coexist with anyone that hates and/or attacks my core beliefs.
I like and admire Cats.
Most say,  I'm really a nice guy.