Q11: You mentioned  in your answer to our first question that we asked that: Maybe you were  looking for your Borelli moment . What did you mean by your Borelli Moment.?

I am the son of a school janitor. My father had two brothers, John and Ralph.

Borelli Moment # 1
His older one John, was a graduate of Marquette University  with a degree in medicine.  He opened a practice in Hamilton Ohio. He was drafted in WWII and served as a battlefield  doctor in the Philippine invasion. At war's end he led the first medical team into occupied Japan. He was discharged in 1946 as a Lt. Colonel.  He was awarded the Selective  Service Medal of Honor. He went back to his  practice in Hamilton Ohio. After he retired his practice he took a position as Director of the VA Hospital in Cincinnati. When they closed that VA hospital he went back to Mercy Hospital in Hamilton Ohio, where he had interned , to open their first Trauma Center which in his honor, was named after him.

Borelli Moment # 2
My Father's younger brother Ralph was a Yale University trained, extremely talented, classical concert pianist. He was requested,by some of the World's most famous Opera Singers to accompany them when they performed at Yale University's  Woolsey Hall. Ralph has his moment, but he had a nervous breakdown and was never able to perform again.

Borelli Moment # 3
My own Brother Ron was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Avvid Technology. The leader in Heat Sink technology. He basically took the company from a 30 million dollar company to a 300 million dollar company having ,in the process, creating a couple of thousand jobs. He was named Business Man of the Year in 1998 by Business New Hampshire and made the cover of that issue. He also worked with  Governor Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. She appointed him to represent New Hampshire at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future in Philadelphia in 1997. She also appointed him to the  Board of Trustees of New Hampshire Community Technical Colleges and he served as Chairman of the Community Colleges’ Foundation. In his memory there is the annual  Ronald F. Borelli Legacy Scholarship awarded to a NH resident with demonstrated financial needs. There is also a Class Room in Dartmouth College , Tuck School of Business, named in his honor.

These Borelli moments may not have an achievement level that other families have obtained, but their significance comes from the fact that they were the first and second generation of a poor uneducated  Italian immigrant family.

Where as the other Borelli's' excelled in a universal manner, my father remained a school janitor. I doubt that having passed my 75th year of dwelling on this earth without achieving my  Moment, that this website or my writings  will  grant me my Borelli Moment.  I will most likely be remembered only as the son of a school janitor. However, knowing my father's reputation as that of  a great person, that worked 3 jobs to pay for his 2 sons to go to the best college prep high school in our area, that continued working those 3 jobs to pay for their college tuitions, and that worked with the boys to teach them their male responsibilities and how to live as Christians, and  for those things, I am proud to be known as the  son of that Great Man named Alphonse Borelli who just happened to be  a school janitor.