Q2: I noticed a lot of seriousness in your writings. Especially in your heart felt, and your music. Are you a depressed person?  

No not depressed, but Yes serious. I guess it has to do with what was going on as I was growing up. I was born 95 days after WW II began. So the times in themself were somber. Since my birthday is December 5th, the bombing of Pear Harbor on Sunday December 7th,  may have happened while the family was celebrating my 2nd birthday. In either case we were at war. Whereas my brother had 3 years of living in a non-war environment, I had none until I was 5 and 1/2 years.  And maybe since I was the 7th grandchild of  my maternal grandmother, and whereas my brother was the first grandchild and got a lot of attention. By the time I came along it was old hat to have a grandchild and I got very little attention.  So again times were different. Not a whole lot of laughter going on during war time.