Q3: I noticed too in your writings your mention of your faith in God .How much of that did or does affect your writings and your behavior in general?

Well I always believed in God. My maternal grandmother was my influence. She was heavily involved in our  local Catholic church and made sure all the grandchildren went to church. Since she lived with us until I was seven, I went to church and even became an alter boy. I went on to Catholic grammar school and then onto Catholic High School. So religious studies were part of my growing up, in a big way. One could say that I was indoctrinated by my continuous exposure to Catholic teachings. But they would be  wrong. Because what I learned made perfect logical sense to me and being Left Handed, logical thinking is a necessity. So yes my writing  is affected by my beliefs. Again logically speaking, there is no other way for humans to be here except that they were created. In my systems engineering mind, everything comes together in a human being too perfect to be a result of anything else other then someone built us. After I accepted that, I had to ask what for? The only conclusion I came up with was that we were here to be tested. If we are tested than there has to be a reward to pass and a penalty to fail. Then I asked myself where would I go to proof my hypothesis. Well it was the Bible, especially theNew Testament.