Q4:Confidence in yourself is obvious, give us some examples of your failures?

Oh I failed. I failed as a trumpet player. Even after taking lessons for 7 years, the best I could do is get 3rd string trumpet player in my high school band. My brother Ron on the other hand was a terrific piano player having taken 12 years classical and jazz.. When he played the piano in our living room everyone came to listen. When I played my trumpet everyone left including the family dog. Of course it didn't help that I had a deviated septum and should never had played a wind instrument but my father wanted to me to play it thinking that his two sons would have a band. Ron did. I also failed at my first marriage. I thinking that I could rescue a girl from a terrible home life was a fantasy I probably got from the great movies of the 50s. I failed at that big time with the girl cheating on me with some guy I worked with. I failed at getting good grades in high school not allowing me entrance to college. I failed at not getting jobs that would have help me by interviewing wrong. I failed at my first attempt at part time college when I got a "D" in English Lith. I failed by disappointing my father who didn't live long enough to see my successes. However I eventually did end up going to college and maintained a 4.0 average.