Q5:Similar to the above question, tell us why you have confidence in yourself?

Ah my successes. Well they didn't come until later, well into my 20s. Although I did have successes in my teens and early 20s. Examples of these are, I taught myself how to drive since no one else would teach me.  I surprised myself when I took a test to get a position with IBM. Fresh out of a 2 year Electronic School, I applied for a job with IBM. In order to get accepted there were 3 test that they gave you. The first was the Electronics test and since I just graduated from an Electronics school, I passed without a problem. The second was an intelligence aptitude test and here was my surprise. It was a timed test with 30 seconds to answer each question. Out the 100 questions, I got 97 correct. I was told that no one that ever took that test ever got that many correct much less finished all 100 questions. They were making plans for me to join IBM. Next came the hands on mechanical test which I flunked terribly. They even gave me another opportunity to take the test and I flunked that one too. So needless to say I never got to work for IBM. However it did tell me that I wasn't stupid and in fact was very smart under certain circumstances. After my divorce I had reached my low point in confidence. So I decided  that either I was going to change my life or maybe end it. I stayed in my apartment for 3 days thinking things out. What I came out with was that I did have abilities, I was not a quitter, and that the people that put me down were actually less intelligent then me and far more insecure. So I came out of my apartment on the third day and began my journey to success by believing in myself, never taking advise from anyone that hasn't gone where I wanted to go, never fearing to fail if I compiled all the facts before trying something, and If I failed, to look back at it as a learning lesson. From then on I never looked back at the old Bob.