Q6: Tell us about your politics. Your party affiliation, your pick for the next general election, why and when did you register for your particular party?


Well let me first say I am a registered Republican. However that being said, if I find a third party candidate that identifies with my ideas, I will vote for that person. I will not vote for a Democrat. In my life time I have seen that party give away taxpayers hard earn money to people that do nothing to better themselves. They just vote for Democrats and the Democratic Party keeps ensuring them that they do not have to do anything else. I personally think it is buying votes which makes a mockery of our Constitution.  I used to be a Democrat when Democrats represented the working class. I changed to Republican when Ronald Regan ran for President. The person that I'd  pick for the next Presidential elections has to: 1. Stop giving out handouts without expecting people to better themselves. 2. Stop interfering in other countries politics. 3. Follow the Constitution literally. 4. Honor only marriages between a Man and a Woman. 4. Close our borders. 5. Take care of our elderly.  6. Stop the money going into political elections from special interest groups. 7. Reform our education system so we can compete with the rest of the world. 8. Protect citizen's religious rights. 9. Don't interfere with our right to bear arms. 10. Build the strongest standing army in the world. 11. Honor life from conception to death. 12. Serve the people not themself.


 There are others but you get the idea.