Q7:What Kind of Music ,books, and other types of entertainment, do you, Like,?

Music is easy. I like those love or loss love songs that come from the heart. An example of this is "I'm a Fool to Want You" sung by Frank Sinatra. You got to listen to the 1957 version. This type of song should only be recorded after a love is loss. Singer songwriter Peter Cincotti, who at 18 was writing songs with his Mom, said that his music was good but his love songs were not. He couldn't wait for his heart to be broken to really know how to write and perform a love song. Besides Sinatra's "i'm a Fool to Want You", my other favorites are Bobby Darin's version of  "If I were a Carpenter", Bobby Darin again playing just the guitar and Linda Ronstadt singing  "Long Long time" , Dusty Springfield's version of "Windmills of Your mind", Neil Diamond's  "Stones". These are just a few of my kind of music. But you get the idea.  Books, well I generally go for the historic type mostly about wars. The non- fiction reflections of people's struggles in a very real way, interest me. Other entertainment? Well I don't do movie theaters or TV much, but I do like the PBS Master Piece Theater stuff. Like DowntonAbbey, Grantchester, Polkdart, Mr. Selfridge and others. I love British acting it is so real and believable. Very difficult to do. When I see the characters in real time versus them playing their characters, I am amazed of the difference. They play their characters so well.
Now the Sport's Jocks out there will say  "a real man would have sports on his list. He sounds more like a woman". To that I say,"a real man  has no problem with things that  touch his soul".